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Meagan M Woodcock
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
:star: ALL artwork in my gallery is © to me, Meagan Woodcock (SKTAF). do not use, reproduce, redistribute or modify my work or literature in any way without my written permission.

Check my journal 'Use of Artwork' terms. If you wish to contact me, note me. :star:

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I use an Intuos 4 medium tablet and CS5 is my default program. I work on a Mac laptop.

ALSO- check out my tutorial collection.…

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I am stealing this from Shinerai


dA Username: SKTAF
Name: Meagan
Nicknames and/or Preferred NameS: Meagatron, Meggylou (only two people may call me that).
Gender and Pronouns: Female / she, her
Age: 23
Country: U.S.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer/Gemini

Number of Past Accounts: 0
Number of Past Usernames: 0
First Username:  SKTAF
Original Join Date: 6/20/07
Premium Member? Used to be
Watchers: 376 (half of whom are dead!)
Deviations: 185 (but there is like 300 in storage haha)
Favorites: 16,723 (so much art to like).

Favorite Digital Art Program: Photoshop. I'm starting to fancy Corel X7 for Typeset though. A little.
Favorite Traditional Art Medium: Copics and Microns.
Favorite dA Artists: Dianae , loish, BeaGifted , elsevilla , Viccolatte , PureBlackLove , Selenada , Marko-Djurdjevic , ailah , SeharJH , Tiuni , Adoradora , TerraTerrific 
Favorite Movies: Walk the line, LionKing, Despicable Me, R.O.D, WaterWorld, KungFuPanda, House of Flying Daggers, Lilo and Stitch, HTTYD,
Favorite TV Shows: When I have TV- cartoon/food network, IT Crowd, American Dad, Bottom,
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Blue October, Seether, Pink Floyd, Rammstein, Johnny Cash, Bad Company, The Black Keys, Radiohead.
Fandoms You're Stuck In: 0... absolutely Zero.

Sexual Orientation: Either Or.
Religious Affiliation: Raised Christian. Slight Agnostic, but not atheist.
Pets: Jeez... In this current household- 7 cats, 2 dogs, a pot belly pig, and 12 chickens.
Number of Family Members in Household: 4
Scars? Ear surgery scars, dog bite scar, and some blade scars.
Tattoos? One on the neck.
Piercings? 3. Two in right ear, one in the left.
Alcohol? When there is a party. Vodka, Rum, Amaretto, Shine.
Drugs? Nope.
Height: I'm five something... 5.6" maybe?
Weight: Nunyah.

Digital or Traditional? Digital. I'm enjoying taking traditional and finishing it digitally though.
Beach or Mountains? Neither. How about a grassy backyard.
Dolphins or Sharks? Ugh. I do NOT like dolphins. Sharks are OK. HOW ABOUT WHALES?!
Would you rather fight 100 third graders one at a time? No fighting. I would run.
On sunny days, you: Sit on my computer inside. Wishing I could be outside.
On rainy days, you: Sit on my computer inside. Glad I'm not in the rain.
On hot days, you: Sit on my computer inside. Drink lots of cold water.
On cold days, you: Sit on my computer inside. Bundled like it's -8 outside and frown a lot.

1. I collect skulls.
2. I have a shoe fetish but I, myself, can never find cute, wearable shoes.
3. I have trypophobia. It makes my skin crawl.
4. I have a massive sweet-tooth AKA my whole body is made of sugar.
5. I HATE hornets. I will squeal and run like a b*tch every. single. time.
6. I take that back. HALF MY BODY IS MADE OUT OF PIZZA.
7. I come off as a stuck-up mean person, but I'm a softie/likeable person once I get to know you!
8. I LOVE fuzzy socks. Oh My Goodness! (i have 13 pairs).
9. I am a compulsive "post-it" note taker. I write myself daily notes even if it's exact replica of yesterday's note.
10. I LOATHE crusted gunk on condiment bottles. You drip it or snap the lid over the excess, I murder.

How many OCs do you have? Probably 11-14. Nothing extreme.
What fandom do most of them belong to? They are OCs... ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. not based on anything but my own imagination.
Which one is your favorite? Nadja Abendroth (Red Rider), Anzelle (pirate character), and PepperMint.
Which one do you draw the most? At the moment, none.
Do you commission work of them? I have done a few commission of them. Mostly Peppermint.
Do you request work of them? I never request art
Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own? NO.
Do you roleplay with them? Uhm. No.
How do you keep track of them? Well... they are kinda like your children only stuffed within sketch book pages and brain crevices.
Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance? I'd make Red Rider real or Derpy.

:iconerncer: :iconladykylin: :icon... I DONT HAVE ANY MORE FRIENDS :( no one that wouldn't be offended from these questions :=P:

:heart: RIP CASPEYPOO Heart

Untitled by SKTAF



 Heart :iconteh-uber-john:  Heart

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  • Listening to: Radiohead,
  • Watching: Good Mythical Morning, TheRadBrad,


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Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good one.
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Thanks, it was :)
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Happy birthday to ya. Whatever you do, just enjoy it and feel good. 
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Thanks, ErnCer. It has been a pretty good day :) stayed away from home for many hours. I bought shoes, jewelry, and got a haircut (mostly for work. first shoes i'd bought in almost a year!). I had a 6 dish japanese meal for lunch :O and bought a cake from an Amish store I can't wait to eat hehe.
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